Two months ago I began a new chapter as a stay at home mom who is learning what it means to be herself again. Perhaps it is a reinvention of me, or shall I call it a discovery – of who I used to be, who I am, and who I would like to be. A journey to notice the little things that matter and take the time to enjoy them with myself, my family and others.

Yesterday I spent the morning with my youngest son at the park. He spent much of his time walking up and down arched bridges, picking up woodchips from one location and purposefully placing them in another. Sometimes he would replace a woodchip if it seemed to be falling through the cracks or simply not where he preferred it to be. Other times he would just throw it off the bridge.

I watched him do this for a while as I thought of myself and my current journey. Life is simply the discovery of woodchips and the choices we make of where to place them. We may move them when and where we choose, but it takes energy to bend down, balance to stand back up, and perseverance to walk across the bridge to place it elsewhere.

My son then pushed all the woodchips off and watched them fall. He smiled as though he just did the funniest thing ever. I smiled back and he continued on with his woodchips.

So hello world. I hope you find these words inspiring and honest. You may notice a woodchip missing or placed elsewhere, but don’t worry. I am simply discovering and reorganizing.

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