Sunday Best

I felt a little blue yesterday as the week was beginning to start on Monday in full swing. The Sunday blues. The I want to sit on the couch and do nothing Sunday blues.

But with a toddler, that’s not possible.

Over the last two weeks, James has reached the “terrible twos” and is sure keeping me on my toes. The morning was full of sharing everything I had with him and only doing half of each chore as I had to keep luring him away from things that were “no-nos”. After he insisted with five minutes of “ou-iiiiie, ou-iiiiie” (outside) I let him out back into what already felt like 95 degree weather. It was hot and James was sweating within seconds. So, I filled a bucket with water and stripped him down to his Sunday best.

He splashed about without a care in the world. I thought about Sundays. It always seems to be my lazy day. My family day. My clean out the fridge and eat leftovers day. And that’s nice. I was beginning to feel a bit better. I drank my coffee and watched James play.

To him this may have been the best Sunday yet. Bucket of water, big red car, mom and dad. Good times. Nothing momentous, but it was a perfect way to spend my Sunday morning.


Best Friday Ever

Yesterday may have been one of the best Fridays ever. I woke up at 6am to run, took my nephew to a garage sale, went to the park, made pizza and cookies and Kool-Aid, painted, and went to the Natural History Museum. Needless to say I went to bed at 9pm, but it was so worth it!


Here is James painting. We made ice cube paint!

Directions: All you do is fill an ice cube tray with water and put a few drops of food coloring in each compartment. Then put in popsicle sticks to make handles. Freeze em. On a hot day, take em outside and as they melt you can paint! (If they don’t melt fast enough, try dipping them in some water to speed it up.) This is great for toddlers, and I even got the big kids into it!


Here’s the final masterpieces

After we all set our paintings out to dry, the kids found their way back to Call of Duty and bickering over whose turn it was. James and I wandered around outside trying to figure out a way to entice the older children into something mentally stimulating, or at least something not in front of the TV… Natural History Museum here we come!

They were all surprisingly very excited to go. James led the troops through the museum calling everything either a bird or a dog and telling everything and everyone, “Goodbye, See you later” when he left a room. And as you can guess, we spent the majority of the time in the gift shop, leaving with some small animals and imprinted pennies.

My favorite part of the museum was watching each kid enjoy it in their own way. Miles and Parker seemed to race each other around the room trying to find the coolest animal to show the other. Abbi meandered slowly, enjoying the interactive displays that she could read and learn from.


James however, found some small non-museum related things to enjoy. Lights. Take him to a display and he would ooh and ahh at the lights on the ceiling. His favorite “exhibit,” however, was two circles on an iron railing that squeaked when he turned them. He stood there turning them over and over listening to their squeals echo through the museum. He would then turn to me and say, “woah!”



We all have our own way of enjoying life and it changes moment by moment. Today I was chaperone/mother/auntie/teacher, and I enjoyed my time being with the youth around me.

It made me grateful that I can provide these kinds of memorable summer days for my kids.

It was a good day. A good summer Friday.