Great Grandpa Clyde

Its usually the little things we remember about people.

I remember rocks – specifically bolo ties and rock clocks. And of course the camper/trailer in the driveway that we grand-kids used as a toy and my grandpa used when he took the family on rock hunting adventures.

I also remember walking to my great-grandparents’ house after 1/2 days of school for lunch. We would read the daily devotional out loud, eat together, and watch the birds at their bird feeder. After lunch we would either help ourselves to to the toys in their hall closet (usually Bibleopoly or the infamous, very loud marble game) or we would wander back to the rock shop to peruse the new gems and watch my grandpa work or organize his merchandise.

He was always kind to us grandchildren. I remember his smile and I remember it vividly when he held my first son at Christmas and when he hugged me at my wedding. He had the kind of smile that made his eyes squint.

A while back there was a garage sale at my grandparents’ old house. I grabbed a few trinkets that had sentimental value or that I figured the boys would enjoy. One of these was a hat.

Apparently my grandpa had a small enough head that it fit my children perfectly. Miles often enjoyed this hat for dress-up days or goofing off days here at the house, usually paired with the bolo tie.

Now James has discovered this hat and he wore it practically all day yesterday. My grandpa did not get to meet James, but there are little moments throughout time that make me think of my grandpa and how much he would enjoy being with my children.

I can’t help but picture him smiling at the thought of his great-grandchildren getting so much joy out of his hat.

Love you, grandpa.

4 thoughts on “Great Grandpa Clyde

  1. All of you kids loved going up there when you were little to see Grandma and Grandad and see what they were up to. I remember the rocks and necklaces being a huge draw for you as well as the hats, bolo ties, marbles, and the little trash can that Oscar the Grouch would pop out of! Great times! Momma Deb

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