Mars Needs Moms

It’s Sunday morning at 11. I’ve already been up for several hours. James and I played cars and trucks, made breakfast, went to the store, and ate a watermelon snack.

I am now watching my second movie of the day. James and I started with Toy Story. When we went to the store, we got Mars Needs Moms and The Green Hornet. Now James is falling asleep on the floor, Miles is curled up in a blanket on the couch and Casey and I are enjoying a very relaxing movie day.

All I can say about the movie so far is that it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about being a mom and having boys. I love being a mom. Especially to boys.

I spent Friday on the driveway with James making cornstarch ooze, stirring, pouring, squishing, and laughing. Miles walked home with a friend to spend the night. They played Call of Duty and Mass Effect 2 all night, had Nerf wars, and maybe got 4 hours of sleep.

When we picked him up, he sat next to James and read him a story. They smiled and laughed together. It’s nice to see them love each other and spontaneously do things together to make one another happy. It made me smile.

I love my boys. I love being a mom. If only Mars had moms. They make everything better.

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