Buffet of Life

On Saturday, Casey and I went to see photographer Baron Wolman give a lecture at the Lawrence Arts Center. The night before we went to look at his exhibit. He is a photographer of many things, but this exhibit focused on his time with Rolling Stone Magazine. Apparently it all started when he was “shooting the shit” with someone about music and was asked to be the photographer in a magazine they were starting – Rolling Stone.

In a time where there weren’t security guards at the front of every concert and also a time where every concert wasn’t put on in a large arena, Baron got to know these musicians. He lived two blocks down from Janis Joplin and got a free one person concert from her in his studio! He photographed Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell, Tina Turner, Miles Davis, Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, and many more.

Post Kanrocksas, Casey and I walked past these pictures, imagining a time when music was much more of an intimate and personal experience than it is today. When Baron was shooting pictures in the late sixties, these bands would be giving free concerts in parks, demonstrating what their music meant to them and what they stood for in the world.

In the lecture, Baron shared his stories and experiences of attending these concerts and photographing musicians in the excitement of the late sixties. At the end, someone asked why he left Rolling Stone Magazine. He stated that he likes to think of life as a buffet. If you spend all your time at the appetizers, you don’t get to experience the steak, the fish, the salads, the desserts. He had taken the same photographs with different faces and was ready to try something new.

I commented to Casey after the lecture that I really liked his shpeal about life being a buffet and the importance of trying new things.

My darling husband replies, “But too much buffet also gives you diarrhea. And I didn’t hear him mention re-marrying or having any kids either. Its just a different way to experience the buffet.”

Its nice to have a partner who adds humor to my life, keeps me grounded, and reminds me of all the wonderful things I already have to enjoy. Thanks Case. I won’t partake in too much of the buffet.

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