How Lucky I Am

Every family has its traditions. I have married into a family with a “farm”. As I got to know the Greens, I heard stories about their grandparents’ farm with its pond and cows. I had visions of hay bales, large red barns, and old wooden fences to keep animals of all sorts where they belong. But that vision wasn’t quite right.

The farm is land. Plain. Simple. Humble land. As I have continued to come to the farm more and more each year, I have come to know why they are so fond of it. It grows on you. It becomes a part of you. And the thought of it instantly brings a sort of calming presence to your day – knowing that you will soon be there and can ignore cell phones, computers, and just immerse yourself into nature and family.

We all congregated at the farm on Sunday for a good Labor Day weekend camp out. The first thing James did was fall flat on his face to brand his nose with an old fashioned “strawberry” from the farm. He then played trucks with his cousin in the dirt and grass. Miles joined the uncles at the pond to paddle boat and fish and then began his Call of Duty play by play with the BB gun.

The farm comes equipped with a camper, two porch swings, picnic tables, a tire swing, and a canoe and paddle boat at the pond. But if there’s one thing the boys will remember about the farm, it is the tractor. Whether it is going anywhere or not, this mammoth machine seems to be a magnet for children and adults alike. We camped in our tent in what I considered to be a perfect, slightly chilly camping night. The stars shone brightly and we fell asleep listening to the fire crackle and coyotes howl in the distance.

As I was laying in bed last night, I thought of all the wonderful parts of my long weekend. I went to a wedding on Friday with a group of friends, spent Sunday afternoon at my family’s lunch gathering, and ended it with camping. I felt wonderfully blessed to have such a large, caring group of people – family and friends – to spend time with. No matter where I was this weekend, I was with people I love and who love me.

How lucky I am.

(Here are some farm pictures for you to enjoy!)

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