Thank You, Kind Woman at Dillons

As James is getting closer to turning 2 years old, store trips have become more of a game in which I must always be on my toes. I must plan that if I need bananas, apples, milk, pretzels, or anything that James likes, I must try to get it at the end of the store trip so to avoid yells to eat it right at that moment. I distract him with silly faces when he gets antsy. We talk about colors, shapes, foods, toys, babies, and anything else that might seem interesting to him. I do these things naturally, without thinking, and they all add up to ensure we have a swift, painless grocery store trip.

I had a spectacularly good store trip with James yesterday. He was engaging, sweet, and calm, and all of my mom tricks worked wonders. After we checked out and headed to the car, a woman walked up to me and said, “I always love hearing mothers enjoying their children. He must be really special.”

What a wonderful thing to say. It made me feel like the best mom ever and brightened up my whole day! Thank you, kind woman at Dillons. I truly love being a mother. Sometimes I’m not sure all the little things I do go noticed by anyone because they have become so second nature to me that I forget I’m even doing them. Thank you for noticing. Thank you for commenting. Thanks.

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