Beginning the “Diet”

It has been awhile since I wrote anything. The last month has been filled with appointments, basketball games, family gatherings, and food – all the glorious food.

I hesitate to even say this as most people know me as very little, and everyone has their own opinion about diets and body types, but for the sake of a blog being my space to share, here goes. Today is the first day of my South Beach diet. Yep. It’s not that I want to lose crazy pounds or become stick figure thin, but I want to eat healthier food, portions, and cut back on the things I am addicted to: bread and sweets. And who doesn’t want to tighten up that tummy pooch? Between now and Christmas I will be trying to change my way of eating for the better. I will try to work out every other day (although everyday would be great!) And I aim to feel better about myself altogether.

Being a stay at home mom has one major drawback, I am always at home. Not only am I at home but a home with carb and sugar filled snacks everywhere! Cereal, juice, pop tarts, candy, ice cream, chicken nuggets, eggos, etc. No more of these until Christmas. My stocking and Christmas dinner will be my first excuse for sweets. Hopefully I can make it that long!

The good thing about the diet is that I don’t really feel like I am on one other than needing willpower to stay away from sweets. I had vegetable quiche for breakfast with V8, had a salad with tuna and vegetables for lunch, and will have chicken with vegetables for dinner. I don’t think I usually eat this many veggies in the course of a week! But they are full meals, and good for me.

So, for those of you who are interested, I will update every once in a while to let you know what meals were tasty, if I had any cheats, and how difficult it does or doesn’t end up being. More importantly, I will update to keep tabs on myself. Knowing that other people know will help me stick to it. And I’ll have to be good this month cause I want some presents under my tree!

One thought on “Beginning the “Diet”

  1. Don’t forget our ‘cheat’ meal that we’ll get once a week 🙂
    BTW, that tuna salad was the bomb diggidy. i want 5 more servings

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