Drinking coffee in big pants

Nothing compliments today like coffee.

If you know me at all, you know I love my coffee. At least a cup after breakfast and often a cup after lunch. And there’s nothing I love more than drinking coffee on a chilly winter afternoon. It looks freezing cold outside. I haven’t gone out since I was out this morning and it was below 30 degrees. I’m boycotting the cold, sitting at my table looking outside and drinking coffee.

If this were a normal week for me, I would have baked some type of bread or cake with lots of butter and sugar in it to enjoy with my coffee. But its not. This is my 5th day of the South Beach diet. So far I am succeeding with my goals. I noticed yesterday that my pants are starting to feel a little big, or at least not creating an obvious muffin top. I feel healthier and have worked out three of the five days this week. I do not end or begin the day with sugary sweets, and am beginning to retrain myself to think about what I am eating before I devour it.

I will say that it is very hard to feed my 9-year-old bowls of Cap’n’Crunch cereal without wanting to bury my face in it. But I do it and that’s what makes this work.

I may have given up sweets and breads, but there’s no way I’ll ever give up my coffee.

So back to my coffee I go, in big pants, looking at chilly weather, just waiting for my baby to wake up from nap and ask to watch Dinosaur Train for the millionth time today. Maybe I’ll make some more coffee too.


One thought on “Drinking coffee in big pants

  1. Hi Suzy –
    Jim and I are starting a new lifetime diet – soon. Jim found out he has arthritis in his lower back and also high cholesterol (which he already knew). Dr. said only thing that might help his back would be to lose weight and exercise. Neither one sounded like a good option to me!

    Anyway, we’re dancing around starting a diet. It’s so hard. I mean I live to eat and that’s the truth! I’m watching your column and pulling for your successful weight loss.

    And I luv, luv, luv your James stories. He is such a cutey.

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