Goofin Off

Possibly the most important thing a parent can do with a child.

(This is my Grampy and my mom)

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday making a house – out of a box. My nephew helped me design it, strategize on how to keep it from falling over, decide where the windows should go and what shape they should be, etc. And then both he and James helped me decorate it with markers and crayons. It comes with a rose bush, an address, and detachable garage! What a great way to spend my day, goofin off in child directed play! My grampy would be proud.

Make today memorable in whatever type of house you choose. Enjoy your child. Enjoy yourself. Goof off!


Taking a Moment

I have not written in a month. The truth about the break?

Holidays. Family. Cookies. Pie. Lots and lots of cookies and pie. Kids out of school. Parties. Days off with hubby. More holidays. Birthdays. More Family. More cookies.

Then on January 1st, I got a call from my mom letting me know that my grampy (who had been in the hospital for a couple days) had gotten worse and would probably not make it. Six hours later, I received the call that he died.

I packed up the family and headed to Denver. I find it amazing how funerals have a funny way of turning out to be family reunions. A time to be together, recount the years gone by, the good memories, some of the sadder ones, and share in each others lives. It was nice to be with my family, especially those I don’t get to see very often.

My grampy was a good man, a hard worker, and a wonderful grampy. We all had different relationships with him, but as a grampy and a great-grampy, he was wonderful! He was funny, playful, and always enjoyed seeing the boys. I will always remember seeing his head poking out the door waiting for a running-down-the-hallway hug. He’ll be there in my memory and I’ll cherish the time we spent together.

While in Denver, I was also able to visit my grammy’s grave and the spot next to her where my grampy will be burried. I had never been there before; they are on the outskirts of Denver looking up at the mountains. Very nice choice grammy and grampy.

We then traveled up to the mountains for two nights to simply breathe, to enjoy one another’s company and take a break before returning to the flat lands and the routine of day to day life.

We got back in Lawrence late on Sunday night and since then I have not been able to get back into my normal routine. It is 9 am and usually I would have showered by now and have begun if not finished my morning cleaning of the house. Not today. My mind feels heavy with thoughts of life, of family, of all the little things that I love about everyone in my life.

Sometimes when the house is silent, I think about all the sounds that fill my life, those that may sometimes annoy me, but that I will miss when they are gone – video games, feet tromping down the hallway, doors shutting and music turning on in a room, nerf guns shooting darts, cars being driven on the hallway wall, choo choo trains whistling on a toy track, toddler gibberish as he thinks he is reading a book. The list goes on and on. It is nice to do this once in a while and think of all the things I have, the things I am grateful for, the things that I love.

Take a moment to enjoy life. Enjoy the sounds around you, the messy house, the noisy game, the rambunctious children… Take a moment with them and simply be together.