Dance Party

One of my favorite activities is to start a dance party with little kids. Now, I’m no great dancer – I’ve got a good sway and can keep a beat – so combine that with my husband’s dance skills, and James was bound to have some slick moves! Here is a video of our dance […]

Sesame Street Words of Wisdom

I ran several errands this morning with the kids – so many that the Sesame Street CD began to repeat songs I had already heard. I didn’t take it out or complain about the music because it was giving the two toddlers in the back so much joy! They were singing, clapping, and laughing at one another.

I drove on to our final errand before going to the park and listened to the song that was playing. I remembered it from watching Sesame Street when I was little, but I felt a great appreciation for the meaning of the song now that I am older.

“I believe in little things like you and me and just how big little things can be.”

This line filled me with instant gratitude for this last year at home with my boys. For the rest of my life, I’m sure I will look back on this year and think of how wonderful it was and how I wish I could be here again.

I am now beginning my journey into graduate school and I feel these little things will become much much bigger things next year. All the things I do now will become precious commodities when I start school. The mid-morning walk, the afternoons at the park, the random snuggle naps, the pajama days, the don’t leave the house days, the simple days – just together days. I love being a mom. I absolutely love it. It has become one of my core defining features, and I love it and live it. Although I will be busy next year, I’m sure I will always find time to watch Sesame Street and bask in the wonderful beings that are my children.