Funeral Dress

My heart aches for the families who lost three young lives due to a shooting in Lawrence this weekend. I know how crazy hard it has been to suddenly lose my mom. I cannot fathom losing a child. My heart aches for my city, that is searching for answers and grieving a loss of its sense of safety and security. And my heart aches for all those impacted by the most recent and deadliest mass shooting in history.

My heart aches.

So, today I decided to wear the dress I bought for my mom’s funeral.

It is a way to embrace my need for her today. I know that wearing this dress will help me feel close to her. Why hide it in my closet – looking at it every time I go in there?

Our loved ones are meant to be celebrated. We should wear them and carry them with us. We should talk about them and listen to their favorite songs. We should remember them and make new memories for them.

Yesterday was Sunday – a typical day for mom to make plans to see all three of her children. Sarah, Jon, and I were all busy doing our own things with our own families yesterday, but we talked before bed about how mom would have made time to see each of us that day – and how proud of us she would be.

So I wear this dress to remember mom, to carry her with me, and to make new memories.

To those that are grieving today, I am with you.

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