Getting crapped on

Man. There are just some days that we get crapped on.

  • Someone is unkind
  • Someone is very sick
  • Someone just lost custody of their daughter
  • Someone’s baby just died

And I hold a space for people to feel safe to share these things with me – so they do.

And sometimes being the on the receiving end can be heavy.

And it is rainy outside, so there’s that.

World, please stop crapping on people.


Update: I then received a call from my husband and a text from my sister just checking on me. And then I drove through Taco Bell and had the kindest interaction with an employee, who wished me a fantastic rest of my day. Then I laughed with my teenager and snuggled the cat and dog.

Self care doesn’t have to be some grand gesture. More often it is the small moments throughout our day that remind us what we have to be grateful for.

So world, thanks for the reminders of joy. If you could do this for everyone, that would be helpful.

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