Long Vacation

It feels like my mom is on a long vacation.

She’ll arrive at the airport this afternoon and I’ll go pick her up.

She’ll have so many stories to tell me on the way home.

We’ll go to her house first to unpack and feed the cats. Jasper and Sweet Pea greet her at the door with kitty meows and nuzzles. Her house smells like her and there are piles of half read books and notes with bible verses and sayings scribbled on them.

She’ll look in her fridge and talk about all the spoiled food she should have eaten before she left.

She’ll snuggle the cats and we’ll sit for a minute as neighbors stop by to say hi.

She is loved by so many.

Then we’ll go to my house so she can see the boys.

First is Otis the dog. He’ll howl with excitement and jump all over her – which she both loves and hates. He’ll settle down after a few minutes and sit next to her so she can pet his back.

Then she’ll say hi and hug James and go down to poke her head in and say hello to Mr. Miles.

She’ll say hi to Casey and ask what cool work projects he’s doing and if he’s been playing music lately. She is so proud of Casey as a writer, a musician, a husband and a dad.

I’ll start some dinner and she’ll sit on the stool next to me. Her grayish-blonde hair will be down and beautiful and she’ll wear comfy pants and a patterned top – with matching earrings and necklace, of course.

She’ll ask about my day, my work, my family and my life.

She invested so much time in everyone she knew. She wanted to know it all – the ins and outs of their life, their hopes and dreams, and their epic fails. She wanted a deep relationship with everyone. She wanted to learn about their life and how to better her own. She craved these conversations and was always willing to dive in deep.

We’ll talk while I make dinner.

She’ll offer to help and I’ll say I’ve got it, let’s just chat.

Then, we’ll sit down at the dinner table to eat together and the boys will get out a game of some sort. She loves the humor and laughter that accompanies family game nights.

We’ll eat and play and laugh.

She’ll help me bring in dishes and clean up the kitchen.

We’ll chat some more.

She’ll give us all great big hugs.

She gives the best hugs.

And then she’ll head out waving good bye, honking her car horn as she drives past the house, knowing that we’ll see her soon.

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