Phone Calls

One of the things I miss most about my mom is her random texting.

Hi Suzy – are you home & can I come by for a quick stop?

Hey Suzy! Just checking on you! Hope the evening went well & that all the boys & pets are driving you crazy.

Do you have a DVD of Independence Day that I could borrow? I don’t seem to have mine anymore…

Kind, funny, weird – but always genuine. I really miss that. I miss being checked on. I miss being called. I miss that she doesn’t know all the inner workings of my life. I miss her followup questions. I miss her validation. I miss her voice.

And I miss texting her back.

I’ll be pulling weeds in the garden beds today. Wanna help?

Hope you’re having a great day and not losing any children!!

There are hot dogs here.

If you appreciate someone, tell them.

If you think of someone, send them a text and let them know.

They may be small, seemingly insignificant texts, but they mean all the world to me now.

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