Sunday Best

I felt a little blue yesterday as the week was beginning to start on Monday in full swing. The Sunday blues. The I want to sit on the couch and do nothing Sunday blues.

But with a toddler, that’s not possible.

Over the last two weeks, James has reached the “terrible twos” and is sure keeping me on my toes. The morning was full of sharing everything I had with him and only doing half of each chore as I had to keep luring him away from things that were “no-nos”. After he insisted with five minutes of “ou-iiiiie, ou-iiiiie” (outside) I let him out back into what already felt like 95 degree weather. It was hot and James was sweating within seconds. So, I filled a bucket with water and stripped him down to his Sunday best.

He splashed about without a care in the world. I thought about Sundays. It always seems to be my lazy day. My family day. My clean out the fridge and eat leftovers day. And that’s nice. I was beginning to feel a bit better. I drank my coffee and watched James play.

To him this may have been the best Sunday yet. Bucket of water, big red car, mom and dad. Good times. Nothing momentous, but it was a perfect way to spend my Sunday morning.

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