Ready for a Cheat Day

I have been on my diet, or as Casey says, lifestyle change, for 12 days now. I have lost a few pounds, learned how to get creative with salads and snacks, and learned the importance of planing my meals.

If I don’t plan my meals, I am more likely to look for something easy, which in my cabinets means easy mac, chicken nuggets, and cereal. If I plan my meals, I have them prepared and easy to eat. I eat healthy, but I eat good, delicious food!

And I eat a lot of salads, but I top my salads with beans, veggies, meat, and I eat a reasonable portion. If you think a salad only fills you up if you eat a full bowl of it, then you are not using your salad to it’s potential!

Overall, I lost about 5 pounds and have stabilized over the last few days. This is good for me and I would not want to lose more weight. What I am working on now is keeping on my diet plan and exercising. Keeping it going is the hard part.

My advice to those wanting to make diet changes?

1. Find a diet partner. I know if I was doing this alone, I would be eating Poptarts and Cap’n’Crunch everyday. Casey is doing it with me. When I know he is eating a salad and working out during his lunch break, it pushes me to do the same. When we talk about what to eat for dessert and agree on sugar free popsicles instead of ice cream with syrup, we do it together.

2. Exercise. Walk. Move. Maybe I don’t get a workout in every day but when I take James to open gym I run with him, play ball with him, and keep moving. If you’re not familiar with Fit Mama Training, get familiar. She has great advice, steps, and encouragement. ( It doesn’t matter where you start or how much you do, just do something!

3. Allow for flexibility and cheats. No normal person can eat like a robot and never give into their cravings. Eat your cake, cookies, pie, just don’t do it every day. I know I’m excited for my cheat this weekend, maybe pizza, ice cream, beer… Yummm…

So I’m still in the beginning phase of my journey, but for those who are interested, for what it’s worth, that’s my two cents.

Keep checking in for a recipe blog – roasted veggies, delicious chicken and fish, and alternatives to sugary desserts. Il try to post my favorites soon.

Now, go start your weekend, and enjoy your cheat meal!


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